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?_unfinishedfrontline 1.0001

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?_unfinishedfrontline 1.0001

Unfinished, but will be updated. Made for the TF2Maps 72 hour Summer Jam.

Probably one of the most interesting experiences of my community lifetime involving Steam or Team Fortress has been with these folks, and before I talk about the map I want to say that everyone who made something is an inspiration to me as a creator. I didn't even create that much, and I felt like a big contribution. Thank you for inspiring me.

Onto the map, its unfinished, but I still have intent to complete it, so I'll check in on it often. There's not many doors, there's not a full respawn trigger on the Red Spawn. There isn't even an objective. This map is just a thing I wanted to make, then Frontline became a thing and I got PROPer props. (puns) But I'm happy that this Jam rolled around cause it gave me more intensive to work harder on it. Have fun, maybe even make it better or tell me I suck. Love you all!
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  1. People who helped!

    I forgot to mention! The main people who helped were big contributors. KEEP IN MIND THIS IS NOT A MAP UPDATE, BUT A CREATOR'S UPDATE. THE DOWNLOAD HERE IS THE SAME AS THE ORIGINAL. Layout, Brainstorming. RTStarfruit...