60 Mins A2

Map made in 60 minutes!

  1. FloofCollie
    What's the best way to defeat mapper's block and to escape the feelings of stress over minute details? Simple!
    Throw caution to the wind and chuck down brush after brush without fretting about sightlines or similarities to other maps, knowing that you have just half an hour to piece it all together into a coherent, operating map!

    ...And then spend another half hour setting up spawn logic and lighting/pickups/sealing/etc. !

    As a result, this is clearly not a well-planned map. I have taken into consideration the basic guidelines however, such as height variation, sightlines (kind of) and at least 3 routes between areas. I have no idea how it'll play.

    Although this was definitely not a carefully made map, I'm hoping to improve it through testing as with any other.

    I'll also be releasing this in the Maps Orphanage despite me continuing it, as a kind of mapping base or example for others to use.

    also I stole the skybox from goldrush


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