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Moray Towers in Team Fortress 2 (Finished, I promise)

  1. Woomyneer
    Finally its done and looking damn cool, so enjoy. (for the Back To Basics Contest) 440_screenshots_20190805155951_1.jpg 440_screenshots_20190805160011_1.jpg 440_screenshots_20190805160037_1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: v5
    The map looks very barebones, and doesn't give off the feel of the original map. I, personally, think that this map needs a massive detailing pass for towers and a 3D Skybox to feel passable.

    Also, Splatoon maps are based off Splatoon mechanics, which TF2 does not have, making it harder to enjoy a map like this.

    Overall, I think the map designer needs to do a bit of detailing and editing to make this map passable, much less decent. However, what is there is still amazing potential, squandered on a ridiculously open, sniper-attracting, floating mess... this is not Moray Towers.