5 spray paints posters 2019-08-05

Submission for the 72hr jam

  1. onra77
    The download is a zip archive containing the 5 posters in .tga format.
    The post body contains the .png files

    Hi !
    This year for the 72hr jam, I planned to make 10 posters !
    I didn't like the last two, I realized number 2 and number 7 were the same, and I were doing to much things outside of the jam to make number 6 and 8, so five posters ! Five brand new posters to use as a spray during your impromptus !

    Poster #1: PSA: Teleporter Priority
    01 teleporter priority v2.png
    Are you tired of scouts using teleporters when your sentry is dying and there are 10 seconds left to cap ? Then you need this poster ! It reminds everyone who read it to be polite, and to follow the teleporter etiquette (yes I know it's controversial, you disagree with this class not being in this place but eh, I only had 72hrs)

    Poster #2: Snipers ahead, safety helmets required
    02 danger sightline v2.png
    Originaly, I planned it to be a "danger: sightline" poster, but it felt too serious, so here you go, a friendly but professional reminder to be carefull around long corridors.

    Poster #2: PSA: The winning team is the one with the medic
    03 medic win.png
    This poster reminds your team that teamwork is a treasure, you need a medic in your team, and in your life. It can also boost your ego if you are a medic main.

    Poster #4: Upgrade my stuff
    04 upgrade pls.png
    Why waste time typing in the chat when all you could do is apply this paint to the wall near your level 1 teleporter ? Do this simple trick, and raise awareness to the undervalued generosity inside other people hearts... Whatever that means.

    Poster #5: Airblast !
    05 airblast.png
    Airblast might be the most overpowered item in the game, be sure to remind everyone of this with this marvelous spray. Did you know you could reflect jarate ? And cow mangler laser ? I know, it's crazy !

    Yes I know, there are ugly yellow stains on the side of some of those pictures, but they are almost invisible in game. Anyway, I hope you like this !

    And if you are complaining about my english et bien sachez que ma langue natale est le français et que si vous osez vous plaindre, je viendrais chez vous vous enfoncer des baguettes dans la gorge en vous forcant à écouter du Francis Lalanne à plein volume.

    Merci beaucoup !


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Recent Reviews

  1. VR456
    Version: 2019-08-05
    Now this is some useful stuff
  2. Umbya Shpee
    Umbya Shpee
    Version: 2019-08-05
    very good concept!
  3. PrivateerMan
    Version: 2019-08-05
    Whimsical yet informative. This makes the fact that Valve disabled sprays in casual all the more tragic.