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3CP / KOTH Hybrid Prefab V1

Yeah, but WHY

The download contains a VMF with the logic to set up your own 3CP/KOTH hybrid map.

You will have a working KOTH timer for both teams, overtime etc included, and the win conditions are:

1. Your KOTH timer reaches 0 (overtime included)
2. You capture the other teams last control point.

You can change KOTH timers, capture times etc like you would on a basic KOTH map.

Note 1: The central trigger_capture_area will give you a Hammer error notification because it is adding an output to the KOTH timers, which will be created upon compile. This is unavoidable and you can ignore it.

Note 2: If you want to change the central CP unlock time, please do so in both the tf_logic_koth entity and logic_auto outputs . The auto entity also contains an additional unlock condition if a server admin cancels the "waiting for players" at the beginning of a round.

There are two custom visgroups inside the VMF. With the "Sky/Walls/Light" visgroup, you can either make sky, walls and light invisible or visible if you want to run a test compile. The second group, "Readme", just hides the the Readme Notes.

You start by creating a 3CP map. For that, i used the basic entity setup from cp_powerhouse. Then, you add a tf_logic_koth. This already works on a basic level, but the win condition will behave weirdly, only letting a team win if they control all 3 CPs and their clock is at zero with no overtime.
So, you add a game_round_win and set the team and trigger it whenever the last CP is captured to get the 3CP win condition to work.
The KOTH part is a bit trickier. You add an output to the koth timers at the beginning of the round, causing the team to win when the timer reaches zero without checking control points. You have to do it over an output of another entity because the koth timers will only be created upon compile by the tf_logic_koth. Because logic_auto is a fickle mistress, i do that whenever a team starts to cap the central CP for the first time in a round. I also set the team of the game_round_win whenever a team captures the central CP.

Hope you like it!
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