1fort rc1

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1fort rc1

By shpladoink


Due to a clerical error at General Realty Network (GRN), a plot of land was contracted to both RED and BLU concurrently. Not wanting to take the issue to court (Yosemite Legal Workers (YLW) tend to have really boring courts), they instead took it to the battlefield.

1fort takes the idea of two enemy bases built absurdly close to one another a step further by actually housing them in the same building. The two teams' intelligence offices are separated by a single pane of indestructible bulletproof glass, so your goal is within eyesight from the get-go.

The battle plays out at dusk in the middle of a dense forest, and works best with mid to large-sized teams.

The exterior design promotes a circular gameplay model as opposed to the back-and-forth which is typical of most CTF maps. Additionally, three main routes between bases allow each team greater opportunities to attack and defend their designated zones while discouraging turtling as a main defensive strategy.
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