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14bit MC5 A4

PASS Time!

  1. A2: There's more trees now

    I tried to upload this once, but the power went out the moment I pressed the button.

    Changes to Mid:
    • Raised the launch pads at mid slightly
    • Added some more rocks around mid
    • Added some railings to parts of Mid
    • Adjusted displacements around mid
    • Added more ramps going up to the broken buildings from mid
    Changes to Boost Pads:
    • Adjusted existing boost pad positions
    • Marked boost pads with overlays
    • Added new boost pads under mid
    • Added new boost pads near the defender spawns
      • These give a 3 second boost, rather than a 2 second one like the rest
    Changes to Launch Pads
    • Added an additional launch pad that enters the broken building from the side
    • Added trigger_pushes to the edges of the broken roof, so players can't stand next to the bonus goal and wait for a pass to score an easy goal
    Changes to Goal Areas:
    • Rebuilt the bonus goal launch areas
    • Rebuilt and pushed back the throw-in goals
    Changes to Logic:
    • Pulled the defender spawn triggers closer to Mid
      • Players will more often spawn there when defending now
    • Added more health and ammo across the map
    Changes to Clipping:
    • Adjusted clipping on the Bonus goals so it should be easier to score
    • Clipped some roofs I forgot about
    • Various small clipping improvements
    • Fixed some floating trees
    • Lowered the angle on the little roofs near the run-in goals
    Changes to Lighting:
    • Fixed the HDR/bloom being way, way too high
    • Improved existing lighting
      • All the lights were an ugly color before, now they are not. They're team color tinted too!
    • Increased lighting across the map
    Changes to visuals
    • Switched to the correct Skybox
    • Enabled Detailsprites
    • Made the tracks not float
    • Added some trees
    • Small detailing additions here and there
    • Preliminary optimization with hints and areaportals


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    6. hl2_2020-06-29_15-05-36.png
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