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[Request]Gas Station Pump

Discussion in 'Models & Textures' started by fbbviv, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. fbbviv

    fbbviv L1: Registered

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    I'm working on an Arena Map. I don't want to bore you with any details but if you want to see progress or anything, I guess I can put some stuff up for it eventually. :p
    Anyways I need a gas pump, I made a quick representation of it in Hammer. I've tried so many tutorials on my XSI mod tool to do it myself but I just cannot learn to do it, and I really would like to learn soon so I can produce my own models and perhaps help others with models they might need.

    The small .vmf file containing my representation of it is included.
    I can have pictures up and/or drawings if you wish.
    Any help at all is greatly appreciated! :]
  2. Fearlezz

    Fearlezz L10: Glamorous Member

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    You better make it blow up on damage :p
  3. Westerhound

    Westerhound L5: Dapper Member

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    This includes gaspump