[Info] The Ten Commandments of TF2 Level Design.

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    *continues with the above*

    Carving is the lazy way out of figuring out how you should clip it. Unfortunately, algorithms still haven't caught up with subtle tricks, so chances are that if you stick to your own skills and intelligence, you should fare much better off. By that I mean the pieces will be better aligned with the grid, and you will have less bits of brush in general.
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    i dont think carving is bad if used correctly. i carve basic stuff fairly often, and i'm always careful about what i carve. in general i never carve with anything that has more than four sides, and i make sure it's not carving anything that i dont want it to carve, and then i carve. it can save time, and if done with care, wont mess things up.
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    Yes, technically it's not a "mod", but the point was it uses a modified version of the Source Engine rather than its own; the Source Engine would have been purchased under licensing acts, which allows the game to be sold for profit, rather than merely distributed freely (as a "mod"). In the same way Half-Life is a "full game", but using a modified version of the Quake Engine.

    "mod" is a lose term in regards to game development (as are many coined phrases in this young industry), but it has an unwritten context that a "mod" is free and under the effect of the basic user software license terms of agreement. When a game engine is licensed, that copy is then private and seperate from the original franchise. Thus it is its "own game", but the engine in question still belongs to the original authors. The game will always be a mod of the Source Engine, even if it's not under the Valve production label.

    In the case of CS/CSS, TFC, DMC etc. They were produced by the very same software developers that made the original engine. Thus it is a part of the same franchise, but still a "mod". DoD was originally built as a public "mod", but was later baught out by Valve as an official part of the franchise.

    Terr's point was that some might consider the use of a game engine, developed by someone else, as cheating in the development process. But under a technical and legal sense, that material was purchased (or rented if you will), and will never be claimed to be authored by the users (new development team) of it. For example, Dark Messiah brandishes the Source logo trade mark, as part of the licensing agreement.

    IE: Why do we consider the licensing of game engines acceptable, but not the custom revised official maps as legitimate creative productions; worth (supposedly) equal respect.

    But the two concepts are in 2 different leagues, and 2 totally different legal and social contexts.
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    This may come as a rather "newbish" question but ...
    I understand why the grids there, it's for organization of your map. To connect your brushes/prefabs from one side to the next in an orderly manner but does it matter if you're not on the grid completely? I don't think it'll matter in-game once the maps finished and has been critiqued/beta tested.
    I know some people are very anal about sticking directly to the grid and if they're not on the solid line, the rearrange that brush so that it is. I usually start out a map by only staying on the solid line but end up derailing from it. >_<
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    Hey can we get an addition to this!

    11) Stop using the nucleus generator in your maps!
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    You don't have to go on the grid, but any map where you don't align most stuff to a grid of 4+, is never going to be good. You'll have so many problems like areaportal/normal leaks, lighting issues, clipping issues...
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    Do note that the major lines on the grid are where vvis automatically cuts. What is it...leaves? So setting things up to grid is always a good idea.
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    Recommendation: Stick to the grid.

    The only time you possibly wouldn't, is if you have a physics model, or piece of detail brush work that you're turning at an odd angle to make it more interesting and less pre-determined-ly placed.

    I would not recommend coming off the grid to anyone. Or to even seriously consider it for that matter. There's really no need.
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    Oh i love you so much :d
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    Please tell me that he doesn't map.
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    Why isn't this in Tutorials?