Multi Stage Guava Gulf A2A

Totally not Banana Bay

  1. A2A: Slight Adjustments Edition

    A quick patch just to fix some slight things I missed last night:

    Stages 1 + 2:
    • Upped setup time to 45 seconds (was 35 seconds)
    Stage 3:
    • Moved cart starting positions in Stage 3
      • First staring position has not moved
      • Second starting position is closer to start of the bridge
      • Third starting position is now just outside the building, rather than in it
    • Marked cart starting locations with overlays
    • Lighting improvements
      • Upper...
  2. A2: More Space Edition

    A2 of everyone's favorite Connect5 entry that is a 3-Stage PLR in a jungle at night by the ocean is here! There's a lot of changes, thank you everyone who played it and gave feedback. Hopefully I've addressed or purposely ignored everyone's feedback.

    Stage 1 Changes:
    • Added three new routes
      • Back tunnel between points now connects to main area
        • This hopefully spreads out the fighting to mid, rather than just the tunnel
      • New routes from diagonal...
  3. A1A: Everything Broke, But Hopefully I've Fixed It Now Edition

    Wow that test was one of the worst I've ever seen. Here's a fix that hopefully works.
    • Fixed carts being stuck in tug-of-war mode at all times
      • This means that you can push the carts now
      • This means you can actually play the map now
    • Fixed carts getting stuck in an un-pushable state
      • This is very hard to test on my own, so the fix might not work
      • If the issue happens at all still it should only happen on stage 3 during the tug-of-war, as the logic...