Flurry RC5

A snowy KotH map with a train that runs through mid

  1. Heronherald
    Flurry is a KotH map made for the Connect 5 mapping contest. It has snow, water, trains, birds... Basically any average KotH map. But unlike any other KotH map, Flurry has an enormous flank route straight past mid for a sneaky scout or spy to slip past, as well as a train that runs through mid seconds after the point is capped. So when you hear the railroad signal, you better hightail it off the point or you risk a potential team wipe!

    Extra credit to Seal Zebra for partial detail and map design


    1. flurry1.png
    2. Flurry2.png
    3. Flurry3.png
    4. Flurry4.png
    5. Flurry5.png
    6. board1_compressed.png

Recent Updates

  1. Flurry RC5 is actually RC4... sorry
  2. Fixed a thing or 7
  3. Flurry RC2!

Recent Reviews

  1. Shpigun
    Version: RC5
    Nice work! I like it!
  2. Jack5
    Version: RC3
    Displacement edges are very obvious and most of the rooms in the map are too small and undefendable as Engineer.
  3. Assorted Memes
    Assorted Memes
    Version: RC1
    This is a fantastic design, with a fantastic aesthetic!
    My only complaint is that you have kinda overdone the icicle effect.