cp_hazyfort a8

Autumn Castle Village with farmland

  1. a8

    Added a fense
    Capping second point does not change the blue respawn time anymore
    flank is now more open
    added a small height variation and covers to the opening area
  2. a6 Broke :(

    Reverted all the changed made in a6 back to a5 since none of it worked. (almost)

    Opened up the side flank for blue.

    Increased respawnwavetime for the forward blue spawn from 4 seconds to 5 seconds.

    Added crates around the point and some other places for more cover.

    Replaced a skybox brush above the second choke with playerclip brush

    One of red team's spawn door is now on a highground. This should alleviate spawncamping
  3. forgot to change the version string on this page

    same as below
  4. a6

    Opened up the side flank next to the first point to blue team
    Moved the side flank to further penetrate red territory
    Added a medium health and ammo in the side flank of the first point
    Removed the medium health pack that was under the bridge
    Increased the red spawn room
    Capping the first point now increases red respawn time to 10 seconds (from 9 seconds)
    Added a side area in the river flank for blue engineers to build their teleporters if they want. (also for providing cover for blue team...
  5. a5 update

    Increased cap time for the second point from 12 seconds to 15 seconds.
    Added a window for red team to use to defend the first point.
    Added a nobuild on top of the building in front of the blue spawn.
    Created a path for the river in front of blue spawn. It is now connected to the first point's river section.
    Added a cover in front of blue spawn to block long sightlines into the river area.
    Blocked one of three entrance to the room which is next to the market flank.
    Removed an ammo pack from...
  6. Lighting! and some minor changes






    Changed the lighting to improve visibility.

    added a set of health and ammo around the first control point for red team

    moved the healthpack close to blue spawn a bit so that it's next to the ammo.

    widened the bridge.
  7. Changed the first cap timer

    Here are some new screenshots


  8. a2 finally

    Loads of changes.
    Red spawn's forward gate removed.
    Added a chokepoint
    Blocked off the river that was connecting the first point and the second point
    Created a route that connects the choke and the river.
    Added some covers around the map.
    Extended the red's ledge next to their spawn
    Placed a wall next to the 'market' flank. The wall has two windows.
    Moved the health and ammo that was inside the building to outside.

    And more that is hard to describe here.
  9. added some height variations

    Between the first point and the blue spawn, I added some height variations to improve the gameplay. blue will also be able to control the area more easily.
  10. health/ammo adjustments, and minor layout changes

    I adjusted bunch of health and ammo pack size. I have no idea what was going through my head when I placed those medium health pack everywhere.

    Slight layout change to the 'entrance' for the market. Now it should be more accessible by blue team.

    Added paint patch overlays under all health and ammo. This should have been done long time ago.

    Still waiting for that first playtest. Gonna be interesting to either prove myself right or prove myself to be a big noob.