Backwash A6

A jungle 5CP map at night

  1. Rework on previous rework

    Changes -
    • Removed railing
    • Increased defending respawn times
    • More lights
    • Removed flank to second
    • Reworked shorter route to mid
    • Added a compound between the choke and short route
    • A couple health pack things
    • Removed rocks at second
  2. Bug fixes and big reworks

    Changes -
    • Separated the well door outputs.
    • Shortened mid cap times.
    • Increased last cap times.
    • Given defenders height advantage on last.
    • Added side route to dropdown at last.
    • Replaced box jumps with stairs on the railing dropdown.
    • Changed to secondary route to a longer route more breathing room.
    • Changed underground route to a slightly shorter health route that exits at a different angle.
    • Changed the point area at second to a raised platform with cover....
  3. Lobby rework and general fixes

    Changes -
    • Remade the lobby before last again
    • Added some fences and pillars
    • Windows on last
    • Fixed a problem with players spawning in the wrong spawn
    • Added balcony area between spawn and last
    • Change health and ammo around
    • Raised skybox at mid
    • Some small clipping issues
  4. Final point changes and flanks

    Changes -
    • Changed the under flank for last
    • Changed the under flank for mid
    • Moved the ramp room entrance to last door to upper floor
    • Removed a rock or two
    • Health kit patches
    • Respawn room door
    • Changed the final points & spawns
    • Control point logic changes
    • Some lights
    • That should be it I think
  5. 2nd and last point reworks.

    Changes -
    • Remade final point
    • Remade second point
    • Respawn wave changes
    • Respawn room logic fixes
    • Added a trimping rock :)
    • New flanks etc.
    • Made the map bigger/longer
    • Added signs and arrows
    • A couple other things
  6. Map Repack

    • Repacked map to half size
    • Yeah that's it